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Wooden easel stand for photos photo albums

Wooden Easel Stand

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A top-quality display tool for your photo products. You can proudly exhibit your artwork with our fine showpiece made of durable, organic beech wood. Exhibited on the Wooden Easel Stand, your prints, passepartouts, albums and other heirlooms leave a truly artistic impression. They can also then be compactly stored away and transported.


Available Formats

Wooden Easel Stands are available in the following sizes:

Midi 15" (39cm)
Midi 15" (39cm)
Mini 10.5" (27cm)
Mini 10.5" (27cm)

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Wooden Easel Stand is designed to suit our other products.


Wooden accessories set the perfect stage for your photos.

About the Wooden Easel Stand

Our lightweight, beech woodwork is incredibly sturdy and has a high load capacity. It can not only handle small prints but also larger wall-art pieces. Your customers can step back and marvel at your masterpieces from a distance.

Easels are the domain of the artists. And you are one of them. Aren’t you? Now you have a great opportunity to put up your artwork in a professional manner. Nowadays it’s not enough to offer top-quality workmanship. You must also showcase your products properly if you want to make a successful sale. An album or a large print displayed in the upright position and contemplated at varying distances and angles becomes even more appealing. That’s why such an easel makes up a perfect accessory for art fairs. It’s easy to break down and store since it doesn’t take up much space. The Wooden Easel Stand’s shape sits comfortably on the table or window sill. It makes a perfect addition to the Folio Box. Like a wizard who takes the treasures out of his sleeves, you can take your awesome artwork out of your Folio Box and exhibit it accordingly.

Mini Easel fits:
Matted Prints/Board Mounted Prints/Folio Box Prints: 20x20cm/8x8", 25x25cm/10x10", 13x18cm/5x7", 18x13cm/7x5",  20x25cm/8x10", 25x20cm/10x8", 30x20cm/12x8", 20x30cm/8x12"
Photo Albums: 15x15cm/6x6", 15x20cm/6x8", 20x15cm/8x6",  20x20cm/8x8", 30x20cm/12x8", 25x25cm/10x10"
Photo Books Pro: 30x20cm/12x8"
DreamBooks 4K: 20x20cm/8x8", 30x20cm/12x8"

Midi Easel fits:
Matted Prints/Board Mounted Prints/Folio Box Prints: 20x30cm/8x12", 30x20cm/12x8", 28x36cm/11x14",  36x28cm/14x12"
Photo Albums: 20x30cm/8x12", 30x20cm/12x8", 30x30cm/12x12", 36x28cm/14x11"
Photo Books Pro: 30x30cm/12x12"
DreamBooks 4K: 30x30cm/12x12"