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Etui box for album professional packaging nphoto slipcase personalised product
Etui box for album professional packaging nphoto slipcase photographer


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Slipcases are an ideal way to protect your Photo Album, DreamBook 4K or Photo Book Pro. Each Slipcase can be made to match your photo product, this means that you can finish it in either Leatherette or Textile. The interior of the Slipcase is finished in a soft, velvet-like material in two colours and the colour is chosen at default to best match the exterior.

You can personalise the slipcase with UV printed, laser etched logo or text or include a stamp. 

Slipcases are available as an upselling tool to your core product: Photo Album, DreamBook 4K, or Photo Book Pro and they are available in the sizes of the Exclusive Collection for each core product.



Slipcases are available in the following formats:

30x20 cm / 12 x 8" x 305 x 203 mm
Print: 305x203mm| 30x20cm| 12x7.99"
20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"
15x20 cm
15 x 20 cm / 6 x 8"
20x15 cm
20 x 15 cm / 8 x 6"
20x30 cm / 8 x 12" / 200 x 300 mm
Print: 203x305mm| 20x30cm| 7.99x12"
25x25 cm / 10 x 10" / 254 x 254 mm
Print: 254x254mm| 25.4x25.4cm| 10x10"
40x30 cm / 16 x 12" / 400 x 300 mm
Print: 400x300mm| 40x30cm| 15.75x11.81"
42 x 30 cm
42 x 30 cm / 16.5 x 12''
45x30 cm
45 x 30 cm / 18 x 12"

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Discover this amazing solution that might be just perfect for your photography business. With nPhoto you can order a slipcase for your Photo Album, Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K.