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Dream Prints - Professional Photo Lab
DreamPrints - 4K Print Quality
DreamPrints - high definition prints


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Simply the best print quality you could ever dream of.

DreamPrints 4K take HD prints to a whole new level. Printed exclusively on The Canon DreamLabo 5000 the high-density print head system features an astonishing 2400 DPI significantly expanding photo print quality creating the best professional prints a photographer could ask for.

Meanwhile a fortified seven-dye liquid ink and enhanced colour gamut creates the smoothest gradations and highest levels of precision; delivering stunning results in 4K definition. Pinch me!


Available formats

Currently, our DreamPrints are available in the following formats:

10x15cm / 4x6" 101x152 300 DPI 1193x1795
13x18cm / 5x7" 127x180 300 DPI 1500x2126
15x21cm / 6x8.5" 152x210 300 DPI 1795x2539
15x23cm / 6x9" 152x226 300 DPI 1795x2693
20x25cm / 8x10" 203x254 300 DPI 2398x3000
20x30cm / 8x12" 203x300 300 DPI 2398x3591
30x40cm / 12x16" 305x400 300 DPI 3591x4796


About Dreamprints

It’s impossible to exaggerate this product. High definition to a whole new level; Dream Prints will bring your image to life. If this isn’t achieved literally, it certainly is figuratively as they stretch limits of colour reproduction, clarity, and definition. A 7-dye, fortified ink ensures only the smoothest, most crisp image reproduction for this professional product. Couple that with the incredible precision of the Canon DreamLabo 5000 and these really are a product straight out of a professional photographer’s dream. As you might imagine, these prints are appropriate for any occasion – especially those that call for the utmost of quality. Bring 4K definition to wedding, portrait, newborn, boudoir, or even pet photography.