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Softcover Photo Book
Softcover Photo Book
Softcover Photo Book with craft paper cover

Softcover Photo Book

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A soft cover photo book with an artistic touch, consisting of a raw, craft cover and a natural interior. The cover is largely made up of cellulose fibres, giving it a high degree of elasticity. Available in two colour options - lightly rusted brown and steel grey. Your projects can be printed on either the Mohawk Eggshell or Arctic Matte paper. For this purpose, we use our HP Indigo 12000 printers using Electro Ink printing technology, ensuring the highest level of quality for your photos. The Softcover Photo book is a minimalist take on printed photography, which puts more emphasis on your photos!



The Softcover Photo Book is available in the following sizes:

20 x 30 cm | 8 x 12"
30 x20cm
30 x 20cm | | 12 x 8"
20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"


About Softcover Photo Book

The Softcover Photo Book stands out due to its minimalistic design and Scandinavian character, which becomes evident the moment you look upon its cover. The photo book becomes even more unique when you consider its interior of between 28 and 120 pages in two available paper types: Mohawk Eggshell and Arctic Matte. It’s no secret that the Softcover Photo Book differs from the other photo books in our offer, but that’s exactly what we’ve been aiming for!

You may choose between two colours for the washpapa cover: grey or brown. Washpapa itself is a rather distinctive craft paper, which largely consists of long fibres of cellulose with an added pinch of latex, which helps to ensure that the cover is both elastic and durable. It is often considered to be the vegan counterpart of leather, making it the perfect alternative to animal products. It holds its shape, despite being exposed to the elements such as water. The one used in the production of the Softcover Photo Book is certified by Öko-Tex and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Since Washpapa is a natural paper, it isn’t the same every time. You may often find small spots in clusters of varying size, reminiscent of tiny marks made by a pencil. This serves to add even more of its raw and unique character. We combined the light and simple cover form with minimalistic personalisation options done via UV printing. You will find several patterns, some of which can be edited so that important names and dates can be inserted. This entire process is possible in our free online design software: the nDesigner, which will additionally allow you to design the interior all to your liking.

We recommend the Softcover Photo Book for every aspiring reportage, landscape, artistic and travel photographer. This book also stands out as an add-on for wedding photography packages. It may also serve as the perfect product for baptism and communion photography. Not only that, this product will be an excellent choice for smaller photoshoots, where the prospect of filling out smaller Photo Books will keep your clients coming back for more!

The Softcover Photo Book serves as the perfect choice for portrait photographers, who wish to present their portfolio in a minimalist and professional photo book form!

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