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Pet Photo Albums

Pet Photo Albums

Pet Photographers, Photo Albums are a perfect way to complement your genre! Here's a print product that can make even specific subgenres as dog photography or equine photography stand out. Give your pet photography a product it deserves and the pets a well-deserved spot on its spreads.

Pet Photography Albums

Pet Photography Albums

After all, why wouldn't you want to expand your pet photography business exponentially just by offering this quintessential product? Clients from photographers of all genres absolutely adore it - and it's no different with animal Photo Albums,. Choose from a wide variety of cellections, designs and finishes to get the Album you need to reach success.

Personalized Pet Photo Products

Personalised Pet Photo Albums and Print Products

Create custom-made Photo Albums and unique looking products every time. No design or configuration has to be the same. From simple pet prints to full animal portrait Wall Decoration, the sky your limit. To top it all off, leave your custom pet photography logo or design on the front cover of your products.

Dog Photography by Mutleys Snaps

Folio Box – Best seller among Animal Photographers

Folio Boxes are my favourite item to sell. There is so much value in them both to myself and the client. When clients struggle to pick just one image the folio boxes really come into their own, it allows them to take 10 or even 20 images home where they can frame some and make their own groupings on the wall.  Having the ability to custom design the front of the box gives me the ability to do fun paw print designs for my clients.” - Ewan Cheyne from Mutley’s Snaps

Wall Art for Pet Photographers

Wall Art for Pet Photographers

The best way for a client to show their appreciation for their pet. While most people can't get their pets paw prints on their walls, they most certainly can keep a photo of them up there (which also looks much better.) The most valued memories are worth decorating at home.

Build your animal photography packages

Build Your Animal Photography Packages

With these products, you can create packages worthy of any pet photographer. Boxed prints? A dog/cat photo album and calendar to come with it? It's all there. Personalise your packages to the needs of your clients or create your unique sets. By building your pet packages here, you will e sure to have something for everyone - all with the same uncontested quality.

Equine Photography eBook

Equine Photography eBook

Struggling or just starting off with equestrian photography? Maybe you're just looking for some horse photography tips? Find your inspiration in this stylish entry into equine photography and ride on!

Pet Sample Guide

Pet Sample Guide

Unsure where to start? Our sample introduction will have you covered - a sample product or physical portfolio is a must-have when you're just figuring out how to start a pet photography business. Find out whether albums, folio boxes or pet photo books are your thing, and just why it's all worth the initial effort!. Your future clients will thank you.


Our free designing software with pre-built templates will help you to design your product in minutes.

Equine photography photo album ideas
Equestrian photography 1
Equestrian photography 2
Dog photography photo album ideas
Dog photography photo album
Equestrian photography photo album ideas
Pet photography photo album ideas
Dog photography ideas
Equestrian photography photo album
Equine photography photo album


Photographer, turn your photos into personalised keepsakes with print products by nPhoto. Make sure that the precious moments you capture are properly preserved in an heirloom-quality print product.


Scotia McCombie Equestrian Photographer
Scotia McCombie
Pet Photography

My nPhoto Samples are a crucial element of my business - as my product showcase I take them everywhere! They provide my clients with an on-site opportunity to experience the craftsmanship & quality finish I trust nPhoto to deliver. By offering a broad selection of both boxed & wall art samples I'm able to maximise my potential income & increase return sales

Joanne Thibodeau Pet Photographer
Joanne Thibodeau
Pet Photography

Samples are essential to my studio to be able to make good sales -clients will buy what they see (and touch). Without them I would not be able to sell the bigger/more expensive wall art collection or wall art pieces. The same for folios and I always explain why a product would suit someone and another would not. My folios from nPhoto are very popular with my clients.

Lou Adams Dog Photographer
Lou Adams
Pet Photography

I absolutely love folio boxes. The ability to have various images beautifully presented with the option of changing which are on display is something that really appeals to me. I love the tactileness of holding and seeing my images on something other than a screen, and being able to show clients what their images can look like.

Sabrina Mischnik Equine Photographer
Sabrina Mischnik
Pet Photography

I have to smile again and again when the moment comes when my customers pick up a high-quality product from NPhoto, it can be described with a "wow" moment. Now it is clear that there is nothing like that at the print shop around the corner, it is something special, a product that is not stowed away somewhere, but is usually openly presented to the public. These products want to be seen and touched.


Animal Photography Portraits
Dog Photography Prints in a Box

Show those pets some extra love - add a complementary product to your package to increase variety, your possibilities for upselling and the number of pet photos you can have on paper. Show people that their pets can be remembered in more than just one size and shape.


Why are your prices hidden?

Officially, our company is closed to the general public. This allows us to put a larger focus on professional photographers, giving those within the industry the best experience, including for the benefit of their own business.

Can you ship directly to my clients? Is there an invoice in the package?

We can ship straight to your clients! Orders sent out this way will not have any invoice or major paperwork inside - you will be able to find all of that on your website account details upon logging in.

How to order products?

To start your ordering process, log into the website and click on either the cart button or "customer area" on the top right of the home screen. Then, choose "add product" or "select product " to begin. This will send you to a list of all available products which will eventually lead into your cart :)

Do you offer studio samples for photographers?

Yes, we do! You can ask your account manager for any ongoing offers on sample discounts (one will be assigned to you upon registering) or stay tuned for offers mentioned on our social media channels. Sample products are virtually identical to the real thing, but typically have a small sample marking printed somewhere inside them or on their cover.

How to design Photo Albums and Photo Books?

There are two ways to add photos to your Photo Books or Albums - a built-in designing software available directly on our website and from the comfort of your browser, or an uploader, which allows you to send pre-finished pages or spreads made on an external software such as Albumstomp, Fundy, or Smart Albums.

Can I add my own logo/pattern to the cover of the products? How do you do it?

Yes you can! There is an option that can be selected for it when designing a new product. Afterwards, all it takes is uploading a PDF vector of your pattern towards the end. Make sure to use the product template to see how large the file needs to be as ideally the PDF size should represent your product cover.

What is the difference between Photo Album, Photo Book, and DreamBook 4K?

A Photo Album will have thick spreads and will be lay-flat. The Photo Book has thin individual pages and is non lay-flat. The Dreambook 4K combines the two, creating a semi lay-flat design with thin pages. Other than that and paper types, they have almost the same options for customization and designing!

What is the turnaround time?

Usually, production and shipping takes around 8-10 days in total. Varies depending on product type and the size of the full order.