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professional presentation Folio Box with black interior and matted prints
Folio boxy prezentacja produktów w różnych rozmiarach i formatach
Folio boxy portrait photograpyhy
Folio box pet photography
Folio box Acrylic Newborn Photography

Folio Box

Opis produktu

The Folio Box is the ideal presentation product. A handcrafted box paired with a selection of prints; either board mounted or matted in an elegant frame. For a truly complete experience, include a USB for the benefits of both print and digital.

Each Folio Box is equipped with the prints of your choice. You can include from 5 up to 20 elegant, stand-alone prints in your story box.

Customise your portfolio box fully to the needs of your clients with a variety of available sizes in landscape, square, and portrait format. Available in the Exclusive collection where you can include text, cut-out windows, or leave the cover plain, or the Acrylic Prestige collection where a stunning acrylic plate adorns the cover of your product from edge to edge. 

Deliver your wedding, newborn, portrait, family, or pet photographs in this sleek Folio Box that both protects your work and adds to the presentation. 

Exclusive Collection
Folio Boxes
Presentation Box
Folio Boxes
Acrylic Prestige
Vertical Folio Bo
Vertical - A
Vertical Folio Box
Vertical - B
Horizontal Folio Boxes
Horizontal - A
Horizontal Folio Boxes
Horizontal - B
Square Folio Box
Square - A
Square Folio Box
Square - B

Products included

The Folio Box includes an elegant handcrafted and personalisable box in either landscape, square or portrait format; a set of 5 images (included in the price) with an option to upgrade to 10, 15 or 20 images; USB stick in various capacities (optional). 

You can pick either ready assembled Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints. 

matted prints for wedding newborn pet portrait photographer
Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints
Box for matted or board mounted prints
Box for Matted or Board Mounted Prints
USB stick digital prints for photographers flash drive thumb drive
USB stick (optional)

Available with

Matted Prints

Pre-assembled prints mounted in a refined frame. Choose your favourite from 6 mat colours.

Board Mounted Prints

Full image cards, carefully mounted onto professional quality, rigid boards.  

Mat colours

Matted prints - personalise the colour of the mats to match the mood of the photos or to complement the material of your personalised Folio Box.

PP1 - Triplex
PP1 - White/White Core
PP2 - Triplex
PP2 - Black/White Core
PP3 - Triplex
PP3 - White/Black Core
PP4 - Triplex
PP4 - Ecru/White Core
PP5 - Triplex
PP5 - Blue/White Core
PP6 - Triplex
PP6 - Grey/White Core

Available sizes

Matted / Board Mounted Print sizes (approximate - available in both landscape and portrait format)

12.7 x 17.8 cm /  5 x 7.08"  / 127x178 mm
Mat: 12.7x17.8cm | 127x178mm| 5x7.08"
Print: 97x134mm| 9.7x13.4cm | 3.81x5.27"
20 x 25cm / 8 x 10"/ 203 x 254mm
Mat: 203x254mm| 20.3x25.4cm | 7.99x10"
Print: 151x188mm | 15.1x18.8cm | 5.94x7.4"
20 x 30 cm / 8 x 12" / 203 x 305 mm
Mat: 203x305mm| 20.3x30.5cm| 7.997x12"
Print: 149.86x223.52mm | 5.9x8.8"
25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10" /  254 x 254 mm
Mat: 254x254mm| 25.4x25.4cm| 10x10"
Print: 187.96x187.96mm| 18.796x18.796cm| 7.4x7.4"
28x36 cm / 11x14" / 280x355mm
Mat: 280x355mm| 28x35.5cm| 11.02x13.97"
Print: 205x257mm| 20.5x25.7cm| 8.07x10.11"
 30 x 40 cm / 12 x 16" / 300 x 400 mm
Mat: 300x400mm| 30x40cm| 11.81x 15.75"
Print: 216x288mm| 21.6x28.8cm| 8.5x11.33"

Product features

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About Folio Box

Folio Box for photographers is more than just a place for landscape or portrait prints. It's a photography presentation box that is handmade with the finest materials it is the perfect story box product. Offer your clients an extra special keepsake paired with either matted or mounted images and USB. Personalise the cover of portfolio box with your choice of textile, velvet, suede textile, or leatherette. Include text on the cover in the form of a Laser Etch, UV Print or Embossed text or choose a cameo window and place your signature photo on the cover. Customise your portfolio box fully to the needs of your clients with the variety of available sizes in landscape, square and portrait format.

Pick either Matted or Board Mounted Prints, select the number of prints you want to include in your handcrafted box and add a USB stick if you offer digital files in your packages.

Folio Box is a must-have for every professional photographer. No matter if you are a wedding, newborn, portrait, family or pet photographer, with this photography presentation box you will be better equipped to enchant your customers and properly showcase your photos.