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Accordion Mini Book

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Accordion Mini Book

A mini Calendar inside an Accordion Mini-book? It can be done! Our accordions can have 12, 14, 16, or 18 pages, which can be designed as spreads, where one photo can take up two pages - so a large collection of photos is not required. These pages aren't limited to presenting photos only - add quotes, designs, names, and the aforementioned calendar dates to your heart's content. Let your creative juices out, and in return, you'll have a unique addition to your offer which your client can then stick to their fridge. Your project can be printed on Felix Schoeller 290g/m2 or Mohawk Eggshell 216/m2 paper.

This unique calendar-themed Accordion Mini Book is finished in V11 Soft Rose Pink Velvet Textile and has 18 pages printed on Lustre paper. Add a cover design from the ready-made patterns in the nShop and personalise it from the cart in our free designing software the Online Designer.

NOTE: This project includes a demo text for your cover. Don't forget to edit it before ordering!

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