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About us

nPhoto is a proud manufacturer of the finest quality Photo Albums and Photo Products for professional photographers. Being one of the biggest printing labs in Europe, with more than 600 employees and over a decade of experience in the photographic industry allows us to provide unique solutions and offer competitive prices to our customers.

nPhoto delivers the highest quality layflat Photo Albums and Photo Products to professional photographers across Europe and the United States, constantly evolving and expanding to new markets in order to meet the needs of professionals worldwide.

Get to know us

Our story

How did this all begin? Well, let's put it this way, the beginnings were very interesting for us. At the very start, there were only four team members and everyone did everything. The team of four, was all cooped up together in one room working side by side, literally, but loving every moment of it. Like every start-up, they celebrated every single success and learnt from their mistakes. 

nPhoto had its beginnings as a modest Kodak Express studio in the Polish town of Rzeszow. Yet, with passion, ingenuity, and quality, it quickly grew to dominate the Polish market. Today, nPhoto proudly services over 30 countries worldwide and operates one of the largest printing labs in the world. The passion and determination to improve and serve still burns bright

Having over 10 years of experience in photography, bookbinding was something entirely new to them. Even though they didn't have much experience in what they were doing then, their aim was, and is to date, to be the best at what they do. It was an absolute adventure to see their dreams unfold and come to life and it is by far one of the greatest journeys they have been on together and surely one that they won't forget.

The first headquarters were very tiny. They were situated in a room rented from a previous pawn shop and were only large enough to hold a desk, a paper cutter, and one team member. Each lab headquarters after that were larger, but still always a bit too small. Today we reside on over 8000m2 and there are plans to expand, have been set into motion. 

Why the name nPhoto? The name nPhoto actually was thought up spontaneously, at a pizza place, by the founders. They asked each other the question, "What kind of printing do we want to do?" and they unanimously answered - the best! That's how the name Najlepszefoto (the best photo) came to be, but that's not the answer to the question. 

nPhoto's first big trip abroad was to the UK, but the name Najlepszefoto was a bit of a mouth-full. The decision to take the first letter of the first part of the name and translate the second half came to be what you know now today as nPhoto.