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Colour Management

Colour Management
For those that want to have full control of the colours in the printed image please have a look at our machines sRGB colour profile.

Human's perception of colors is a subjective process and depends on many different factors. Light, paper selection, angle of display, printing technique – all of that matter. Even tiredness or emotions can slightly affect one's point of view. Crucial thing is to understand that individual differences occur and people have their own preferences.

When it comes to photography, colours are ones of the powerful tools in photoghrapher's hands. And that is why a lab needs to try to understand artistic vision hidden in each project. At nPhoto we know that every photo has a story behind it and we love to deliver satisfactory product each time. For better communication please take full advantage of our colour management profiles (available in "Downloads" section). However please bear in mind, the monitor needs to be calibrated first, so brightness, white point temperature, gamma settings are adjusted properly, otherwise, the displayed colours may look different than the printed ones. Also, we have to highlight it one more time, as it is important to provide us with images saved in sRGB colour space.

nPhoto offers colour correction, with that option selected, you give our specialists permission to adjust the brightness of your images. Colour correction service is not image retouch service, please be aware of that.


Converting to a colour profile in Photoshop
To convert to a colour profile click "Edit" and then select "Convert to Profile". Make sure you have the appropriate profile selected in "Destination Space". Depending on the type of paper you have chosen for your album you will have a different colour profile.