The Story Box, A perfect product for returning clients

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 09:41
Folio box offer news for story telling

Clients can come and go - some of which you won’t see ever again. Some do come back on the other hand, which could leave you wondering how to appease them on the print side of things. You’ve either already shown your main product lineup or ordered it for them in their previous session. For this, we propose something unique - and this “something” comes with 60% and 70% discounts!

You may have previously done a photo shoot and sold your client an Album. With your work especially, it is a beautiful product indeed - but it usually doesn’t appear as a direct invitation for future photo shoots.

It’s not the same case with the Passepartout Box, Folio Box, Never-Ending-Story Box, Watch-Me-Grow-Box, no matter what you call this box: It entails a story.

This story unfolds on 5-20 matted or board-mounted prints. You don’t have to push the box to its highest capacity - spoil your clients by having a USB stick inside.

A child going through the process of growing up, a wedding couple celebrating their anniversaries, a model that just had their hair made, a dog that looks a little different depending on the season - it all takes several photo sessions, but only one box for a story that tells it all.

This box, the Folio Box, is available to you as a sample - and with only 30% of its original cost, you'll be able to show 100% of the story. Read on to see what else you can add to this offer as well.

Show & tell your own story

Sign up here to do just that - with the help of offers, mockups and more.


We offer you all the tools you would need to satisfy even the most demanding client - dozens of materials on offer, various formats & sizes, UV printing, embossing, engraving and an acrylic finish option to top it all off.


You can also pick out the most suitable paper option for you.

Our Folio Box can serve as a way to give each photo in your portfolio the closure it needs - but is there a way to present the prints in an even more magnificent way?

We have two wooden accessories just for that - Wooden Photo Ledges and Wooden Easel Stands. Both at a 60% discount. Treat your prints like the work of art they are.

As with any story that intends to look appealing, the story in your Folio Box needs an interesting trailer/synopsis to get your clients hooked. They need to know what to expect from you. That’s where our mockups come in - you get about 15 of them, you place your work on top of a few beautifully prepared Folios, and you can release your “trailer” to the public (your social media, that is) - all in a matter of mere minutes.

Get The Story Box Bundle


This offer entitles you to 70% off one Folio Box sample (any size, any collection) and 60% off accessories: Wooden Photo Ledge, Wooden Easel Stand (you can order one of each or both). Folio Box will be labeled ‘Sample Product not for Resale'. Wooden Photo Ledge needs to be ordered and shipped separately from other products. Include promo codes in the appropriate area before checkout. This offer is valid through June 30th, 2022. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.
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