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Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 08:18
complete set amazing promo discount code nPhoto

Now is a great time to explore our Complete Sets as we have an amazing offer for you to get you started. Get any Complete Sample Set at 75% off!

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page (or spread ?) before we dive-in to the details.


What’s a Complete Set?

Our Complete Set range is a diverse product that consists of a core print product as well as a matching box and USB all housed together in an elegant, practical, and matching box.

These Complete Sets are available with your choice of core product: Photo Album, DreamBook 4K, or Photo Book Pro.

Moreover, these sets come available in a variety of collections from our striking Acrylic Prestige, which garners an impressive acrylic plate cover for your cover photos; to our Exclusive collection which offers you the most design options for personalizing your product.

There are many more incredible collections that we’ll dive into a little later, but first, let’s clear up what the difference is between the three core products found in the Complete Set.


How Do nPhoto’s Core Products Differ?

These products differ more than simply by name, but fear not, they offer their own advantages, and, of course, they all offer impeccable professional quality.

The most significant differences between these products is the printing method and printer used to print them; the pages, paper options available, and page thicknesses available; and the style of the product – meaning, whether or not it is lay-flat.

The Print

Each of these products is printed with a different technology to achieve its end result.

Photo Albums take advantage of Noritsu’s HD Silver Halide printing technology for the Fuji Silk and Fuji Pearl paper option. Exposure, no ink, technology is applied. Instead, silver crystals and emulsion are used to "print" images to Fuji Silk and Fuji Pearl (Metallic) paper providing high-quality results that will last for generations. Our Photo Albums are also available with Mohawk Eggshell and Canon Deep Matte papers which are printed on the HP Indigo 12000 and Canon DreamLabo 5000, using their appropriate inkjet methods.

Our DreamBook 4K is printed on a state-of-the-art HD Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer. This printing technology paired with a fortified seven-dye ink provides stunning 2400 DPI and 4K resolution images

Meanwhile, our Photo Book Pro takes full advantage of the HP Indigo 12000 with seven-dye ElectroInk.This ink boasts an incredible colour and contrast reproduction – particularly with skin tones and shades.


Papers Types

Let's talk paper you might expect with different printing technologies come different paper types. 

Albums: Four different paper types available: Fuji Silk, Fuji Pearl (Metallic), Canon Deep Matte, and Mohawk Eggshell. Photo Albums are flush-mounted products. Albums are measured in spreads (or two pages) and are always a sturdy, rigid, durable 800gsm – no matter which paper you choose.

Combine Fuji Silk and Fuji Pearl paper in the same album on a spread-by-spread basis. Consider including a few Fuji Pearl spreads to give your clients an unbelievable viewing experience.
NOTE: Mixing other paper types like Mohawk Eggshell or Canon Deep Matte is not possible.

DreamBook 4K: Available in 3 different paper options all produced by Canon for specific use with the DreamLabo 5000. Canon Gloss (275gsm), Canon Lustre (275gsm), and Canon Satin (170gsm). DreamBook 4K pages are semi-layflat and flexible. Paper types cannot be mixed within one product.

Photo Book Pro: Four paper choices available: Felix Schoeller Lustre (190gsm), Arctic Matte (170gsm), Mohawk Eggshell (148gsm), Mohawk Eggshell (216gsm). Paper types cannot be mixed within one product.


Display Style

There is a difference between our three core products in the way their spreads are presented. As professionals looking to offer the highest quality products to your clients, it’s important to know your products.

Albums: Photo Albums are truly lay-flat.  Create jaw-dropping full-spread layouts without any worry of an important details being lost in crease.

DreamBook 4K: DreamBook 4K’s are classified as nearly or semi lay-flat. DreamBook 4K’s can produce a powerful full-spread display.

Photo Book Pro: Our Photo Book Pro is not lay-flat, however it has many other amazing qualities. We do not recommend applying any full-spread layouts in this product, or placing photos across the middle.

See the table below for more details about the differences between these core products.

Right, about that 75% OFF Promo
Use the discount code: REASONTOPRINT and get 75% off one Sample Complete Set with any core product in any size, and any collection.

Select any of our three Complete options: Complete Album Set, Complete DreamBook 4K Set, or Complete Photo Book Pro Set.
Sample products will be labeled ‘Sample Product not for Resale” on the inside of the back cover. Your promo code may be used only once and this offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
Order fast, as this offer expires 30/04/2020.


How to redeem the offer:

  1.  Log in or register on our website
  2.  Choose the Complete Set. with your desired core product or go straight to nShop accessed from the Customer Area.
  3. Customise your product to your liking and design your project in our free and easy-to-use nDesigner, accessed from the cart (you can use most of the popular external software as well ex. Smart Albums, Fundy) 
  4. Apply the promo code REASONTOPRINT at checkout.



What Collections are Available for my Complete Set?

See the table above and the column ‘Available Collections’. The collections available for your Complete Set will depend on which core product you choose for your set. These collections can be paired strategically and effectively with different genres of photography you may provide.

For example, our Acrylic Prestige Collection – with its signature acrylic cover – is a very desirable product for wedding, portrait, and senior photography.

On the other hand, our most versatile Exclusive collection is popular among wedding, portrait, family and pet photographers as it allows them to easily add their logo and the names of the pets to the cover of their products. This collection is also sought after for maternity and newborn photographers as it not only allows many personalization options but also offer many physical sizes and the ability to create albums in larger and smaller formats.

Our White Lady collection, known for its elegant white leatherette and cover options, was developed all for the bride on her big day. Appropriately, this collection is ideal for wedding photography and wedding photographers.

Here’s what some other pro photographers had to say about our Complete Sets and service:

“This was my first order from nphoto and I am completely blown away at the quality of this product. It is breathtakingly beautiful and is definitely heirloom quality. I took the sample with me to my recent ordering session and it was an EASY sell. I’m planning on switching all of my albums and books over to nphoto!!!” - Kerry Daly (Complete Photo Book Pro Set – Acrylic Prestige Collection)

“This is my biggest seller! My brides love the quality pages and mostly importantly the photo cover that makes this album stand out.” - Les Atkins (Complete Album Set – Exclusive Collection)

“Highly impressed with the product and the customer service. 5 star review. Was under a time delay to get the product and got a call back after about 10 minutes after sending the email. Got help completing the order to get it to print that very day. Product was delivered before it was needed and the quality is worthy of the repetition that I heard about these guys and worth the price. Luxury product 100% happy and will be a repeat customer.” - Michael O’Farell (Complete Album Set - White Lady Collection)

The Complete Set impresses. And, it works. Why, and why is it essential for you and your studio?...


Why Do I Need a Complete Set?

Two words: print and digital. Today clients crave the digital option to easily be able to share their photos online; either on social media for their own exposure, or to send on to friends and relatives at a distance.

Often we tend to stress the print option, in this industry for the integrity of the art and industry as well as for the margins it allows as pro photogs as business owners. We understand that print is preferable, for all those reasons. But, even we need to remind ourselves that a successful business is about managing the delicate give-and-take.

Our Complete Sets provide you with the best of both worlds in the form of a print and digital option in one great package. Showcase this and advertise this to your clientele as well.

High-end, professional-quality products hand-crafted in the heart of Europe.

And, now, for a limited time, can be yours at an incredible, unbeatable price with your 75% OFF Sample discount.

Don’t miss out on this must-have product and opportunity to take your studio to the next level.


Do you need help? Please contact your personal advisor or our customer service team at 




T&C. The 75% OFF offer is valid for one Complete Set sample per customer (any size, any collection). Sample products will be labeled ‘Sample Product not for Resale” on the inside of the back cover. Your promo code may be used only once and this offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Order fast, as this offer expires 30/04/2020.

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