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How to Add a personalised Logo to nPhoto Products

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 17:22
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Did you know you can personalize nearly every product from nPhoto with your own custom logo? No, you're not dreaming, you can, and here’s how.

We believe it is important for our clients to stay out of the way of their clients. That’s why as a company we will always be invisible to the end-user; that is your client. In this way, you will never see the nPhoto logo on any of our products. Instead, however, we are happy to help you adorn your beautiful work with your own logo. Today I will inform how you can add your logo to our products.

Step 1:

Convert your logo to a vector file, or create a vector logo file from scratch, using a program such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Inkscape - Inkscape being free to use. We currently accept five file extensions for logos: .ai, .cdr, .svg, .eps, .pdf. Only files with one of these extensions will be accepted by our software. For some help on how to convert your logo into a vector file you can check this video tutorial: 

Converting an Image File to a Vector File

Step 2:

Re-name your saved vector file the dimensions you would like the final logo to be and the technology you would like to be used [either UV print or Laser-Etch].

So for example, a final file type should be named something like or

Step 3:

Create a file (and save it in .jp or .pdf) showing us where you’d like your logo to be placed on the final product with a measurement scale for reference and assured accuracy.

Step 4:

When creating your product in nShop, in the step "Cover" you have an option of adding a pattern on the Front or Back Cover. Choose UV or Laser etching option according to your preferences (not both of them apply to all materials).  At this stage select the “Self-made pattern”. You will see the following notice: "Please send a project for your own UV printing pattern in format: .ai, .cdr, .eps, .pdf or .svg along with illustrative file showing the place for it. You will find more information here: If you don’t want a text or pattern on one of the covers simply select “no” for cover you would like to leave blank.

Step 5:

After adding the product in the cart once finished with, click the “Upload files” button in the "Cover customisation" section. Here you are prompted to upload your vector file in the appropriate space.

Step 6:

Upload or drop the vector file in the proper boxes provided on the center (see circled area).

Provide also a .jpg or .pdf file showing the location you would like your custom logo design to be placed. 

*NOTE: if you'd like your logo to appear on more than one cover you will be prompted to upload your file for each specific space as well as a .jpg, .pdf file showing its location.

Step 7:

Once you’ve included your files finalize the upload by click on the blue “Upload files” button.

If everything was done correctly your screen should appear like this:

Step 8:

When finished uploading click the “Add to Cart” button on the top right corner and then select “Yes, add to cart” on the pop up window. Please wait for the system to complete implementing your changes to your project. You should automatically be re-directed to your cart with your changes saved.

You are now able to finish designing your project with your own custom logo!

Inkscape Tutorial nPhoto:       [click HERE to view it on YouTube]

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