IMPORTANT: Due to numerous orders, the production time will be extended to 8 working days from October 18, 2021. The usual production times apply to photo prints and calendars. Our apologies for any difficulties this may cause.

Project Execution

To order a Photo Album or Photo Product project executed by us please:

1) Customise your product in the nShop. In step 4 “Other Add-ons” select “Order” under the “Product execution” option. (The price for this option will be added automatically to the cost of your product).

2) Add the product to your cart by selecting “Add to cart” and then “Accept Changes”.

3) Select “Upload Project” and follow the instructions to upload the images that we will use to create your project.

4) Select the shipment method as well as the payment method, fill in your details and click “Order”.

5) You will receive an email notification from us after we receive your order.

6) You will be contacted by us to discuss the details of your project.

In 5 days time, you will receive a project from our Graphic Designer. After your approval, the project will be sent to production and in 4 days (production) time your product will be ready for shipment.


NOTE: The files included should pre-selected and edited. Please include guidelines in regards to your project, its style as well as the arrangement of the images on each page/spread. You are welcome to include example spreads or projects that meet your expectations and/or style.

All files should be in high resolution .jpg/.jpeg format.

The standard number of images for a 30x30 Album is about 5-7 images per spread, however, you may include from 10 up to 15 images per spread, depending on their size and layout.