Discover New Textiles in Pastel Colors

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Discover our short but sweet range of pastel beauties 

nPhoto is continuously striving to make our customers happy and satisfied.

As proof, we have bolstered the range of the available materials with completely new soft colors (available under the Textiles tab). The refined materials quench the desire for pastel hues and open things up to a wider audience. Newborn and wedding photographers can now choose from a palette of pastel materials and combine them with our new fonts, creating something invigorating and impressive.


 Try our new tasty colors and enrapture your customers with pastel sweetness and write their story with our fairy tale fonts.



These tasty colors can be applied to:

Complete Album Box Exclusive

Photo Album Set Exclusive

Photo Album Set Acrylic Prestige

Photo Album Exclusive

Photo Album Acrylic Prestige

DreamBook Exclusive

DreamBook Acrylic Prestige

USB Memory Box

USB Exclusive

Image Box


Complete Album Box - Exclusive Collection

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See for yourself what the Complete Album Box Exclusive Collection has to offer. Order a sample of this handmade, layflat product which is a combination of three products in one. In short, It has it all. House both printed images as well as digitals in one product. 

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